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  If you would like a more precise date for your piano,  send an inquiry with photos to [email protected]   In other instances, all or part of it may have become so worn down with age or obscured with dust that it may be difficult to locate. that your 4-digit number is not a serial number): Grand Pianos Yacht tail.   While reasonably accurate, these dates are estimates only.   This is perhaps the worst instance of all; the always three- or four-digit case number frequently misleads the researcher into believing the piano is decades older than it is. Dating without a Serial Number​ Even without a serial number, it is generally possible for us to date your early Chickering to within a decade. The most common difficulty encountered is locating the actual serial number.

  But this method is not without difficulty and hazard.   Please also let us know about your piano for the Chickering Registry. As a rule of thumb, if you are researching a grand piano, it will have a 5- or 6-digit serial number. that your 4-digit number is not a serial number): Grand Pianos Yacht tail%PDF-1.   Dating your square piano apart from the serial number is discussed below. Finally, each serial number in the ledgers has two dates: the date the serial number was entered into the ledger (usually just the month, if that) and the date it was shipped. ÈlMæ¨Ù꬛>ƒõø¦YU¤Üæ&›¯êUþ•Lï÷Æ`*š{°P8C™;¶ð>Û́Õº©¶d¿ €H%¨ã¾›8¿]ž&­Ã³ƒc­E»y‹ýÛL¬i…&.

ޏÈÅ´ß^râ¨3dºè÷8aðá„A• ÆÒB(2}ê÷Yâð¡ß»Ï.   Very frequently, the case number is mistaken for the serial number.   A somewhat different curve would certainly arise with a larger data set based on specific dates (rather than just month and year), but this is sufficient to visualize Chickering’s production.when your ex starts dating someone.
.   Just send an email with photos to [email protected]   The following is a graph of the data from the above table dating chickering and son piano.   It is not unusual for researchers--even certified appraisers--to believe that an 1890s grand piano is from the 1830s, by confusing the case number with the serial number. .

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Prices of new or used Wurlitzer upright and grand pianos. Buyers & sellers can determine a piano's fair market or resale value.

The upright piano didn’t become popular in American culture until the last quarter of the 19 th century. Prior to that time, the square grand piano was the ...

Piano serial numbers help to identify the age of your piano and the history surrounding its production. Run a free piano serial number search, here.

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